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//  Captury - http://rm-rf.in/captury
//  $Id$
//  Copyright (c) 2007 by Christian Parpart <trapni@gentoo.org>
//  This file as well as its whole library is licensed under
//  the terms of GPL. See the file COPYING.
#ifndef sw_captury_libGLcaptury_TScreenshot_h
#define sw_captury_libGLcaptury_TScreenshot_h

#include <png.h>

struct TScreenshot {
      int width;
      int height;
      unsigned char *buffer;

      static void capture();

      TScreenshot(int AWidth, int AHeight);

      static void onWritePNG(png_structp APng, png_bytep ABuffer, png_size_t ASize);
      static void onFlushPNG(png_structp APng);
      static void *encodeScreenshot(void *arg);

      void encode();


// vim:ai:noet:ts=4:nowrap

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